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How to troubleshoot a circuit breaker power trip

Circuit breakers sometimes trip without warning. It's possible that your circuit breakers have tripped and your appliances or lights suddenly go dark. It could be an electrical outage if the whole house is without electricity. If you notice only a few machines and appliances going out, it may be a power outage.

You may feel overwhelmed by the information on your panel if you have never tried to fix a tripped circuit breaker. But don't worry! There is an easy way to fix your circuit breakers. Although you don't necessarily need to hire an emergency electrician Singapore in order to fix them, these tips can help you ensure you do it safely and efficiently.

Finding the Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers protect you from an electrical surge or worse, an electric fire. Circuit breakers will shut down electricity immediately if they sense an electrical surge.

These circuit breakers look like large ON/OFF switches that are angled inwardly. If you want to cut off active electricity in your house, they can be shut down. They can also be used to make repairs or upgrade your home. You can find the gray metal circuit breaker box by looking on the outside of your house or in a closet.

Once you've located your circuit breaker box you can remove the metal panel to look for your switches. They should be in a long row. Although your circuits may look different, all should work the same. One of your circuit breakers will trip and switch in the opposite direction to the rest.

Resetting the Circuit Breaker

Follow these simple steps to reset your breaker.

Recognize the breaker that has tripped. It will likely be the breaker that was switched in the opposite position (likely in the "OFF") from all the others (which most likely are in the "ON")

Turn off all appliances, machines, or lights that are controlled by the circuit. Each switch should have some written information next to it that explains which part of the house it controls. It could say, for example, "kitchen appliances" and "master bedroom".

Flip the switch to the ON position. It should align with the rest of the switches in the row.

You can verify that the reset worked by turning the lights on in the affected area.

You don't have to stop there. After you flip the switch back, you must ensure everything is working properly. It is a sign that something is wrong. You should immediately contact your electrician.

Warn Tips

If your floor is wet, you must be careful not to touch or approach the circuit box. You must avoid any dampness. If you touch the circuit breaker while it is damp, you could be electrocuted or even burn yourself.

If the breaker keeps turning off, you should stop trying to turn it on. If the breaker keeps switching off, this is a sign that there is a bigger problem and you need to contact a professional immediately.

Circuit breakers most often trip because they draw too much power to that area. The circuit breaker will turn off if the current they draw is greater than the amperage rating. This can happen frequently so you might consider redistributing your home's plugged-in appliances. Overloaded circuitry can result in the circuit breaker being activated.

Identify the source

You might have an earthing or electrical wiring problem if the circuit breaker keeps on tripping. An electrical wiring replacement or repair might be necessary in this situation.

To determine which appliance is causing the circuit breaker to trip, plug it in one by one and turn it on one at a while. Once you've identified the problem appliance, simply disconnect it from your electric circuit to have it repaired or replaced.

If your appliance or circuit breaker does not blow after you have turned all appliances on, it is possible that an overload caused the power trip. This is a sign that you should reduce the number of devices being used simultaneously, or plug them into outlets that have a lower voltage.

Find the tripped breaker, and turn it on

Look through the breaker box doors and locate the switch in the "off" position. The odd switch is the one that points in the opposite direction. If you're unable to determine which switch caused the trip, turn off all circuit breaker switches. Then, turn the switches one by one to the "on" position.

All other items in the house should be turned off

All fixtures that are plugged into the circuit should be turned off. All electrical devices, which include your Internet, must be turned off from all outlets. This is done to protect appliances and other hardware.

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