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One of the Light Installation leading providers, Spower Electrician Singapore provides 24-hour emergency service. They have technicians located all over Singapore, allowing them to respond quickly. all of their electricians is under cover by EMA/BCA/IDA certified.


Light Installation Spower Electrician Singapore Services is a specialist in solving difficult problems and offers a wide range of Installation work, maintenance and repair options.

Spower offers quick and efficient repairs.

  • Light Installation Service
  • Repairs for power failure or trip
  • Rewiring a house in its entirety or part
  • Upgrade power points for TV, heater or aircon use
  • Ceiling fan/water heater installation
  • Main circuit breaker replacement
  • Troubleshooting and general repairs
  • Repair of light switches and power points that are not working
  • Electrical, cable, telephone socket installation
  • Repair of electrical fault/blackout
  • Installation of sockets and lighting
  • Fault finding/electrical Inspection
  • Installation of fire alarm and CCTV cameras
  • Different types of lighting
1. Ambient lighting

Living rooms are the most popular places to use ambient lighting. Ambient lighting provides constant lighting and illumination in your living room. Ambient lighting creates a calm environment where we can retreat after a stressful day.

Ambient lighting is suitable for living rooms because it allows you to relax and enjoy the space. Common types of lighting include track lights, recessed lights and chandeliers. They provide the right lighting to match the space's mood.

2. Task lighting

It is also known as office lighting. It is used to brighten work environments - where one needs to focus. Task lighting is used in kitchens, study areas and at home offices to create a positive environment that allows one to concentrate.

Because task lighting is concentrated, it is often paired with contrasting lighting to increase visual clarity and reduce glare. You can choose from under-cabinet or pendant lights for task lighting.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be used to highlight a particular object, such as sculptures and artwork. It can also be used outdoors to enhance the beauty of outdoor furniture or plants.

It is best to use a mixture of ambient lighting and accent lighting to light specific rooms or furniture in a room. You can highlight your object's beauty with recessed and wall lights.

Different types of lights

Flushed Lights

There are two types of ceiling lights: semi-flush and flush. Semi-flush ceiling lights hang slightly from the ceiling, while flushed ceiling lights attach to the ceiling.

Semi-flush lighting diffuses light onto the ceiling, creating the illusion of a larger room than flushed lights. Flushed lights may be safer for children if your ceiling is low. They may also be easier to damage since they hang lower.

Recessed lights

Recessed lights differ from semi-flush and flush lights in that they are mounted within the ceiling. They are also known as ceiling lights and are covered with glass. A trim (or rim) is attached.

This lighting is popular because it blends in well with many decors and ornaments. It is therefore a versatile and neutral choice of lighting for homeowners.

Recessed lights, however, require more complicated installation than semi-flush lighting. Additionally, humidity cans buildup in recessed lighting, so homeowners need to ensure their homes are well-insulated.

Pendant / Inverted Pendant Light

Pendant lights, which hang low and provide a single source for light, are lights that can be used as pendant lights. As an off-centre light source, several pendant lights can be placed around the room.

Pendant lights can be easily seen as they hang low to the ceiling. They should therefore be considered part of the décor in the room. If they don't match the theme of your room, they could create a strange effect.

Pendant lighting, like other low hanging lights can cause obstructions more than lights attached to the ceiling. This should also be considered for safety.

Inverted pendant lights can also be used to direct light upwards. This lighting style can be used to reduce the feeling of a small space, since it lights the ceiling and makes it seem larger. Due to the unique shape of the light fixture and inverted pendant lights, they are often called "bowl lights". They are great for ambient lighting.


Due to its grandeur and size, a chandelier is the pièce de résistance of any room. The chandelier is a focal point of attention and can be commanded by people. It should blend in with the space, not stand out.

To maintain the chandelier's presence in the room, it should be at least 30 inches above the table.

The chandelier can be hung above the dining room table, making it the centerpiece of the space.

Why you should hire professional electricians in Singapore

The Energy Market Authority (EMA), Singapore encourages locals to hire qualified electricians and their services for any type of electrical work, including alterations to power points and circuit breakers. Unlicensed service providers can pose safety hazards and cause damage to property or people in the area. Spower and its stream of services are here to help.

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