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Are you looking for the Urgent Power Failure or Power Trip services in Singapore? You've come to the right spot. We offer a wide variety of Power Failure and Power Trip services for both residential and commercial customers at very affordable rates.

Our electrical specialists have the very experienced and training to solve all kinds of Power Failure or Power Trip issues.

What is a power loss?

Many people are confused about the difference between a burnt-out socket or a power failure in Singapore. It is important to know what a power loss is. What happens if the power goes off? A power outage is a loss of electricity network supply to an end user. It's also known as a power failure. This means that your electricity provider has cut off electricity to your household. A power failure can be caused by many things, including a short circuit or overloading the electricity mains. Spower Power Failure Singapore has experienced electricians who can conduct all electrical-related troubleshooting or rectifications. Contact a trusted electrician if you experience a power outage in Singapore.

Power failure causes:

Short circuit

The most common term used to describe a power loss is a short circuit. It is often used without understanding what it really means. What is a shortcircuit?

An electric current traveling along an alternate path than its intended path within an electrical circuit is called a short circuit. This can lead to electrical current overload, circuit damage, fire, and explosion.


It is important that you know the limits of electrical wiring. Overloading is when the electric current is carrying more power than it can handle. This can lead to overheating and other dangers. Because of its convenience, many Singaporeans prefer to plug their appliances into the same socket. They don't realize that this could draw a lot of current, heat up the wires and possibly cause an accident fire.

Blackouts / Brownouts

Blackouts are the complete loss of power. This is the most serious type of power outage. It can be difficult to restore power depending on the cause of the problem. Restoration times will vary depending on the configuration of affected electrical networks. Brownouts can be more severe than blackouts. A brownout is caused by a decrease in the electrical power supply. Sometimes your regular light bulb may not look the same as it once did, creating a dimming effect that isn't quite as bright as before. The lights will become dimmed due to a drop in voltage. They aren't total power outages, but there is still the possibility of them overheating and causing damage to insulations.

How to avoid power failure

While there is no way to prevent power outages completely, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk. These are some tips to reduce the chance of a power outage. Hire licensed electricians in Singapore if you need emergency electricians who can solve your electrical problem. Spower Electrician Singapore ensures that all our electricians are qualified to perform any type of electrical installation or troubleshooting.

1. Proper electric wiring

It is important to know that electrical wires can be damaged by liquids such as tea/coffee, or other beverages. You should practice safe handling of wires and contact an experienced electrician in Singapore for the wiring of your home. You can do it right the first time, and it will be done right the second time. The risks of a power outage in Singapore can be greatly reduced by installing safe and reliable electrical wiring in your home.

Avoid overloading

All of us have a tendency to plug our electrical appliances into the nearest and most convenient outlet. Before you attach your appliances to your outlets, however, it is crucial to identify the power ratings for your appliance. Overloading occurs when too many appliances are connected at once. Be prepared! Before you install any electrical equipment, it is a good idea to create an electrical system plan that corresponds with the use of your appliances.

Backup sources

Power station or transmission faults can often be out of your control. You should immediately get backup electricity sources in case of an emergency. The restoration time depends on how severe the problem is, so your only hope of surviving the worst would be to rely on your backup power source to continue your day.

You must pay your bills on time

Unpaid bills can cause electricity to be disconnected. You are reminded politely to pay your electricity bills on time to avoid any power outages.

After trying all the possible solutions, you should call an emergency electrician in Singapore to troubleshoot the problem and fix it. The experienced electricians can offer some suggestions to help ensure that power outages in Singapore do not occur often in your home.

Avoid these things during a power outage:

It is inevitable that people will rush to find a solution to a power outage in Singapore. It is important to be aware of the things you should avoid in a power outage for your safety and that of your household. Keep cool and read the following life-saving guide:

1. Unplug and unplug

It is vital to unplug your appliances whenever there is a power outage. Additional electricity surges can cause insulation damage. These plugs can be removed from the house to provide protection against an electrical surge.

Never start lighting

It is not uncommon for a power outage to cause inconvenience, but it is a good idea to never light a candle. Although candles are beautiful, once they tip, fires can easily occur. You're better to use a lantern as they won't give off strong light.

Do not touch the "fallen".

These dead wires can still be dangling and are not always without power. It could still be "live", sulging with excess electricity, which can pose a serious threat to anyone who touches it. It is crucial to stay away from "fallen" wires during a power outage and only move them when it comes back on.

Use a flashlight that you haven’t touched in years.

It's not unusual for your flashlight to stop working when you most need it. Keep spare batteries handy in case of an emergency so that you have a backup source of power whenever you need them. This temporary solution will help you during your recovery process until your power is restored.

Power failure: What happens?

A power outage can have many adverse consequences for your household. These are some things you should know when there is a power outage in Singapore:

1. Equipment damaged

Long-term damage can be done to appliances and equipment by power outages. To ensure they remain new and available, make sure you replace electrical appliances frequently.

Data loss

Data loss is most often caused by power outages. Imagine spending the night working on your reports only to discover that the data has been corrupted or lost because of a power outage. Computers and operating systems can be complex so they must be shut down manually. Power outages can cause damage to your hard drive and decrease its lifespan.

Loss of sales (retail or wholesale)

Unplanned outages can cause sales revenue losses. Large retail businesses could lose significant revenue if there is a short downtime.

Spower Electrician Singapore has experienced electricians who can conduct all electrical-related troubleshooting or rectifications. Contact a trusted electrician if you experience a power outage in Singapore. We have a team of electricians who are experienced in dealing with power outages in Singapore. They can minimize downtime and solve the problem quickly.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides reliable, professional electrical services using top-quality electrical products and high quality workmanship. Our range of electrical services includes electrical installations, troubleshooting and repairs. Check out our customer reviews to see what they have to say about our services. Also, check out the articles that feature our high-quality electric services. For a chargeable electrical troubleshooting, call us at +6583836111 or email us at hello@spower.com.sg. We will send an electrician to address your electrical issues in Singapore.

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Do you need rewiring services in Singapore?

Power outages are one of the most frustrating electrical problems that can ever befall a house or workplace. Not only are they a nuisance, but also a serious problem that can be difficult to manage, especially in the context of daily life. Poor handling or attempts to fix a power outage by someone not an expert in the field can cause major problems.

SPOWER provides services for power outages in Singapore, helping homeowners and business owners to restore their lives and businesses.

We are reliable, fast and extremely affordable

Our professional team of electricians is committed to providing high-quality service whenever you need it. Our team can help you if your lighting system goes berserk at any hour of the day, night, or Hari Raya, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year and Christmas.

Our highly skilled staff can quickly identify and solve any electrical issues or power outages you may be experiencing. Our staff members have years of experience and are highly skilled. They will provide you with the fast, efficient, and clean service that you deserve. SPOWER is always available to assist you with any electrical problems. Give us a call, and we'll be happy to help.

Our team is available for immediate assistance. We'll get to you as soon as possible by calling the number listed above. If you'd like to learn more about power trip, please read on.

What causes a power failure and how to fix it

Many things can cause power outages. Damaged transmission lines, overloading the electricity mains, or a short circuit are some of the most common causes of power outages in homes and businesses. In Singapore, power outages are rare. However, even if they do occur in your office or home there are safe ways to resolve the issue on your own. The most effective method is to identify the problem appliance and then remove it from the socket.

You can do this by turning off all appliances and electrical installations before you turn on the power in your office or home through the circuit board. Then, turn on each appliance or installation, such as induction cookers, refrigerators, and even laptop chargers, one at a time until you locate the appliance that causes the power to go out again.

Once you have identified the problem appliance, take it out of the power socket. Rinse and repeat to see if you still have problems.

This is a quick solution to help you when you are in a tight spot. But to make it easier and safer, give our team a phone call. After receiving your call, our team of electricians will arrive at your home as soon as possible to diagnose the problem, fix it, and offer expert advice about how to deal with future power outages.

We have already helped over 3K Singapore residents to solve thier problems .

Power Trip

Power tripping is not a common occurrence in Singapore. Retuning the electrical switch is the best thing to do when you experience a power outage. If the cause of the power outage is not identified and separated, the electrical switch will not reset.

Power tripping refers to the security that clients have in place to prevent electric shock. It is almost certain that there is an insufficient apparatus or that a machine is overloaded when there is power outage. Sometimes the problem is caused by the wires and should be addressed immediately.

Electric wiring that is appropriate

To prevent power trips in HDB pads or in business structures such as offices or clinics, ensure that proper electrical wiring is installed. Many HDB electrical power trips are caused by poor wiring. This is why you should ensure that only an expert and master circuit testers have access to such electrical structures. Affordable Spower Power trip Singapore has a dedicated group of electrical experts with the necessary skills to manage any electrical establishment.

CHOOSE AFFORDABLE Spower Power Trip Singapore

You can always count on our licensed workers to assist you. With many satisfied clients, we are the most recommended electrician in Singapore. For transparent and accurate estimating, call us at +6583836111. Send us an email to hello@spower.com.sg

Is there a reason my power is not working?

Electrical Switch Problems

It is possible for the switch to be bypassed if it is not working correctly. This can increase the electrical load on your property and the circuit breaker. Therefore, circuit breaker trips will be more likely if an electrical switch isn't working. Circuit breaker trips can occur even when very little electrical equipment is being used. Get the expert advice of an electrician to diagnose your power trip problems today.

Overload of electrical power sockets

It could be that your property is simply too energy-intensive. Take a look at your offices and homes today to see if there are many electrical components running simultaneously. Consider switching to energy-saving alternatives such as appliances with Green Energy Saving ticks.

Circuit Breaker issue

Your circuit breaker may be the problem if your electrical appliances do not use a lot of electricity and are small in number. It is possible for your circuit breaker to trip at a lower voltage than you expected if it is defective. To diagnose the problem, you can hire a Qualified Electrician.

Faulty Wires

Your wiring may be the problem if your property experiences frequent power outages. The insulation of your wiring could be damaged if it draws too much current. If you have wires that aren't properly insulated, it's best to get help from a licensed electrician in Singapore. Live wires can be dangerous if they are not properly protected.

We'll show you how to look at it

Electric Switch

We start by looking at the electrical switches within your house. We will inspect each switch individually in order to determine if the problem is within the house.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers may be at fault, as they could have defective connections. It is possible to reset the circuit breaker several times, but it can be frustrating to have a circuit that does not work correctly. If the circuit breaker fails to work properly, it should be checked immediately.


The wiring in your house could also be a problem. The current could be multiplied if the wires aren't properly connected or insulated. This could lead to frayed or old wires that can cause problems and trip your circuit breakers frequently.

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