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Spower is a highly-respected company that offers Electrical Distribution Board and affordable electrical repairs, replacements, and installations. There are many service teams that are led by experienced and friendly technicians. They are available to help you with all your electrical needs, including wiring, sockets and lights.


Warranty supported: Parts are sourced from trusted brands that are known for their quality and durability. They will provide a lasting solution when combined with their 60-day parts warranty and workmanship warranty.

Spower has the lowest prices for professional Electrical Distribution Board. They are affordable and easily accessible for the community.

Spower are also known for their home Electrical Distribution Board Installation packages for HDBs and BTOs. They should be your first choice if you are looking to replace an old and failing system, or add additional electrical points for aesthetics and convenience.

Electrical Distribution Board Services

An electrical distribution board (DB), box is the essential component of every building's electrical system. It doesn't matter if you are building a new house or renovating an old one; an electrical distribution box (DB) box is a must-have. To protect against electrical hazards such as fires or shocks, a strong DB box should be installed.

Box services may be required by a Qualified electrician such as Spower Electrician (DB) for electrical distribution boards (EDB). There are two main reasons. A new electrical DB box may be required for your newly renovated house or office. An important component of any home or office is the electrical switch box. It must be installed correctly to avoid future electrical wiring problems and power trip or failures.

A well-designed electrical distribution box can protect your appliances and electrical systems from power outage and travel. It also helps to make sure that your electrical wiring is easy to maintain and re-fit.

We also mount electrical distribution boxes for companies and residential properties. We guarantee the best solutions to all your problems in building your electrical DB packages. Our licensed and trained electricians are available to provide the best service for you at any time.

What is an Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel can also be called an electrical distribution box (DB) box. Also known as a "breaker box", it is also called an electrical panel. These boxes are usually found in the cupboard of HDB flats in Singapore. Although homeowners don't often pay much attention to how an electrical panel works, this knowledge is vital in cases of power outages and other electrical problems.

It is a steel or pvc enclosed box that houses various circuit breakers as well as other components that provide your home's power supply. Circuit breaker protects your home's wiring from short circuits and potential electrical spikes that could eventually cause a power outage. Each electrical switch box comes with an electrical load to handle different uses. To increase the electrical panel's load capacity, you will need to add a few breaker boxes.

How an Electrical DB Box Works

The supply lines that supply power to homes are often different from the ones in meter boxes. These supply lines are supplemented with electrical boards that can track monthly power consumption. The circuit breaker box regulates electricity by connecting the supply lines to it. The circuit breaker box regulates the electricity in your home. If there are power surges or trips, the circuit breakers will shut down the system. Short circuits and fires are easily avoided.

Some components of DB boxes include switches, bypass devices and fuse links. Current detectors, bus bars, and current detectors are just a few examples. Circuit breakers and terminals are important components that you need to be aware of. These components work together to protect your electrical system, equipment, and fixtures from damage in the event that there is power travel or other similar events. We are experts in the design and construction of electrical DB box boxes. We can also provide details about any other aspects of your system that you might need.

Where does power come from?

An electrical meter box is connected to several supply lines that ensure electricity flows into your home. An electrical panel records the monthly electricity consumption. The supply lines then connect to the board for distribution. And the electricity is from the following Singapore Open Electricity Market Retailers: 1} Geneco (by Seraya Energy Pte Ltd), 2} Keppel Electric Pte Ltd, 3} PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd, 4} Sembcorp Power Pte Ltd, 5} Senoko Energy Supply Pte Ltd, 6} Sunseap Energy Pte Ltd, 7} Tuas Power Supply Pte Ltd, 8} Union Power Pte Ltd.

How an electrical panel keeps you safe

When it comes to electrical work, whether it is installation, repair, replacement or both, you must always ensure your safety and security. It is important to follow the specific requirements of Singapore's housing properties. Circuit breaker trips due to electrical problems like overloading should be able shut down power supply to prevent fires. Ground fault circuit breakers should be installed in bathrooms and kitchens to protect residents from electric shocks.

Regular maintenance has many benefits

Maintaining a quality electrical distribution panel by regular maintenance can reap many benefits. These include:

1. Protection from electrical fires and shocks

2. Protection against excessive voltage from power surges

3. Refitting and maintenance of wiring

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