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A doorbell is an important device for any property. It alerts the owner or occupant of someone at their door. The family member who hears the doorbell will decide if it is safe to open their door and take the appropriate action. Most families in Singapore hire an electrician to install their doorbells. You can have a smart, wired or wireless doorbell depending on your needs.

Things to Know Before You Get a Digital Doorbell

Doorsbells were simpler times. The chime will sound through your home when someone knocks on the door. Doorbells are no longer a mere canary. Digital doorbells, also known as smart doorbell, digital video doorbell or doorbell with camera, now include everything from motion sensors and cameras to two-way audio functions that allow you to talk to anyone at the door without ever actually being there.

Some digital doorbells don't need to be hardwired

Wired digital doorbells can be connected to an existing power source. They provide unlimited power, as long as you pay your utilities! There is no downtime. These can be difficult to install if you don't have the necessary DIY skills. If you have a digital doorbell purchased from the US then intend to use it in Singapore, you will need to use a transformer in order to convert the voltage value.

You don't have to do all the wiring yourself. Digital doorbells with removable or rechargeable batteries are easier to install than traditional wired models.

However, unlike wired digital doorbells, there is some downtime due to recharging and changing batteries. Battery power can also run out quickly depending on the model. These battery-operated models are also larger and sleeker.

HDB residents, is it illegal to install a security doorbell ?

HDB clarified the issue regarding installation and use of digital doorbells. HDB says that digital doorbells equipped with surveillance functions like audio and video recording (which many digital doorbells have) are classified as CCTVs.

You probably know that CCTVs are not allowed at your main door if they face the common corridor or common areas. This is to protect your privacy and that of your neighbors.

If you have a safety concern, such as a fire or flood, you may not install CCTVs. Harassment by unlicensed moneylenders. You will still need to apply to HDB to approve your request. All requests must be supported with a police report. You must also remove the CCTV after it is installed for six months.

The regulations for digital doorbells installed in private condominiums or landed properties are more relaxed. The MCST rules may apply to the installation of digital doorbells that include surveillance functions.

Some features, such as storage or intelligent detection, may require you to pay extra

Subscriptions can get you additional features from some digital doorbell brands. Nest Hello, Google's digital doorbell brand, offers a Nest Aware subscription or Nest Aware PLUS that provides up to 60 days event-based recording. When your camera detects sound or motion, it saves clips to your cloud. Nest Aware is not required to view the live feed of your camera. You can only view it without recording.

Are you a professional electrician required to install a doorbell?

You can install a doorbell if you are confident in your home improvements skills and have the ability to work with electricity. However, most people prefer to hire professionals for installing a wired doorbell. This is especially true if your doorbell has wireless features. A DIY installation could cause the warranty to be voided.

Experienced general contractors and electricians are better than novices at doing the job correctly the first time. A general contractor can also help with wiring and transformer problems, resulting in a faster and more efficient installation.

Common Broken Doorbell Causes
Let's first assess the problem. These are the most common problems with doorbells:

The button: If the button won't move, it could be blocked by something. You can clean it using a cloth that has been soaked in rubbing alcohol or spray it with lubricant. It should be replaced if you are unable to press the button or hear any buzzing. Broken doorbells are usually caused by a faulty button.

The chimebox: If the problem is not with the button, take off the cover and attach your voltmeter to the wires. If the wires give you a signal when someone presses the doorbell, but no chime sound is heard, the chime box must be replaced.

The transformer: If the chimebox wires don't send a signal, it could be an issue with your transformer. It is usually located near the main electrical box. You don't need to do any physical damage to the wires. However, you should test the transformer with your voltmeter. Place probes on the screws that hold the doorbell wires. The secondary voltage marked on the label should match the voltage reading.

Faulty wiring: If there is any physical damage to the wiring of your doorbell, it's probably a problem. It is possible to wrap wires with electrical tape that have only insulation damage. You can replace any wiring that is causing problems. If there is no physical damage to the wiring, but the problem persists, it may be that the wiring between the doorbell chime box and the doorbell is not visible.

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