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For safety reasons, Ceiling Fan Installation should only be installed or fixed by qualified electricians. It is important that the electrical wiring is connected correctly and the fan is securely mounted on the ceiling.

Ceiling Fan Repair

  • Repair

Ceiling fan repairs in Singapore are available if you have any problems. Our team of electricians can help you fix any problem with your ceiling fan. We'll do everything we can to make your fan look as good as new.

  • Installation

Our electricians can install a ceiling fan for those of you who are tired of very hot weather days. If you aren't sure which ceiling fan is right for you, we can help you decide.

  • Replacing

Spower will provide you with a list of ceiling fans to choose from in the event of a complete loss. We have ceiling fans with lights, remote controlled fans, and simple wall fans.

  • Electric Repair

We are committed to your safety. Our electricians can handle electrical wiring. Faulty electrical systems can be dangerous, but you can trust our experts who are well-versed in the subject.

  • Emergency Repair

Ceiling Fan Repair, Spower understands that you need repairs done quickly. We offer 24/7 emergency electrical services. Our electricians provide fast and secure repairs.

Ceiling fan repair Singapore: Advantages

  • Reliable Repairs for a Budget

Spower always offers affordable services. Local electricians will work within your budget to provide the best ceiling fan repair service in Singapore.

  • High Quality Service

Our electricians will provide quality solutions to all your ceiling fan issues. we understands how important it can be to get the results you want, including ceiling fan repair or replacement.

  • Fast Ceiling Fan Repair

Spower will be there for you when you have any ceiling fan issues. We make sure that our customer support team is available even when our electricians are not.

  • How to replace your ceiling fan when it is too old

It is often cheaper to replace the whole ceiling fan than to repair the problem. You can learn more about the different problems that a ceiling fan might have before you make the decision to repair or replace it.

  • It is a good idea to replace your ceiling fan when:

The fan blades are not moving: If the wiring, switch or connections seem to be in good condition, it is likely that the motor of the ceiling fan has failed. You will likely want to replace the motor as it is expensive to buy and install a new one.

If the lights flicker, dim or turn off, it is likely that there is a problem with your outlet. You should check the wiring for any damage or loose connections. Inadvertently installing a ceiling fan on a dimmer switch can cause damage to your fan.

When the fan runs, you will hear grinding sounds. This is often due to motor problems. It is recommended to replace the entire ceiling fan unit if this happens.

The fan may buzz or hum when it is not installed correctly or when the screws and mounting are loosening. It is possible that your unit needs to be cleaned. You may also want to lubricate your unit if possible. If this doesn't solve the problem, it could be an electrical problem.

Your blades are moving too slowly. You might only need to clean the parts around your blades and add lubrication. A faulty motor could be the reason.


Crescent Wrench - Also called an adjustable wrench, the crescent wrench comes with a set screw. This adjusts the width by moving one jaw to the left or right. To tighten bolts or support braces, use a crescent wrench.

Cordless Drill with Long Bit-A cordless drill is essential for DIYers. A cordless drill is required to attach the utility box or junction box to the ceiling beams.

Voltage tester - Also known by the name "test light", the tester is made up of two leads that detect electricity in fixtures. To ensure that there is no electricity running through the wires, use a voltage tester to wire a ceiling fan. Place one lead on the ground wire and one on the hot wire.

Wire cutters/strippers - Also known by diagonal pliers and wire cutters, wire cutters are wire snippers. They cut wire by indenting the wire and then wedging it apart. The end of an electrical wire is stripped of its electrical insulation by wire strippers. A lot of hand tool manufacturers sell wire cutters and strippers in a combination. These tools can be used to install a ceiling fan.

Pliers - Keeps an object in place. Use pliers during downrod assembly to tighten lock nuts and set screws.

Screwdrivers Used to turn and drive screws. Flat-head and Philips screwdrivers are the most popular types of screwdrivers. To prevent wobbling and shaking, use a screwdriver. Some brands include a screwdriver with their packaging.

Electrician's Tape Also known as insulating or conductive tape, it is used to secure electric wires and other conductors of electricity. The electrical tape is flexible and pressure sensitive, providing insulation that lasts. All wire connections can be insulate with electrical tape

Ladder Use a ladder for access to the mounting bracket, hang the motor assembly and wire the ceiling fan. A 5-foot stepladder is recommended for ceilings 9 feet and higher. Choose an 8-foot stepladder if your ceiling is 12 or higher. Choose an 11-foot stepladder if your ceiling is at least 15 feet high.

Dusk Mask: Protects against dust and other debris inhalation while installing, cleaning, or repairing a ceiling fan.

Safety glasses - Protect your eyes from flying debris and hazardous materials during installation. These glasses are a must-have. These are a must-have.

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