An upgrade to your electrical wiring can make your home safer

If your electrical wiring is damaged or outdated, it can pose a danger to your home. Electrical fires can be caused by faulty wiring or overload power strips. Unprotected outlets can cause electrical fires and even burn you. These are just a few reasons to upgrade your system. Here are some tips for how to do it properly.

Electric Wiring Hazards: What to Look for

To upgrade your electrical wiring, the first step is to inspect your home. You should also check your wiring connections immediately to determine if they are a threat to your home or your family.

Most common electrical problems are outdated wiring, appliances left plugged into near water sources, incorrect wattage lightbulbs, overload power outlets and damaged extension cords.

Do you prefer to hire professional help?

Do not fall for the trap of thinking you can save more if you do it yourself. There are many electrical works you can do on your own, but updating and upgrading the electrical wiring in Singapore is not one of them. This job is not for DIYers and should be left to professionals. You can make a mistake that can lead to a disaster, which could cause more damage and cost you more.

It is strongly advised to hire an electrician with extensive experience in working in older homes. This is a complicated process that requires technical knowledge and understanding, especially if you have a home older than 30 years.

Other than the age of your home, there are other indicators that you should call an electrician immediately. These include flickering light fixtures and fuses blowing repeatedly and sparking electricity, flickering wires and cables, dimming lights, burning smells from appliances, obsolete electrical panels, and fuses blowing repeatedly.

You can also be sure that an expert will provide electrical services if you hire him.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides complete electrical services including emergency electrician service in Singapore. Our EMA Licensed electricians and electrical employees are EMA/BCA/IDA certified and specially trained to complete various types of electrical repairs and maintenance, such as ceiling fan installation, power recovery as also wiring and wiring rewiring. Our electricians have over 10 years of experience. We’ve completed thousands of electrical work for a residential, condo, and HDB homeowners as well as commercial customers. We have many satisfied clients and glowing reviews.

Plan Your Budget

Although an upgrade to your electrical wiring can be costly, it shouldn’t be a problem if it is necessary for the safety and comfort of your home. It all depends on who you choose to be your electrician. So, do your research and find the right company or person to help you get the best value for your money.

You are at risk by hiring a company that only offers the lowest upgrade or installation price without taking into consideration their skills and experience. Do not settle for a cheap price to save money. You should hire someone with the right qualifications, a track record of success, and recommendations. To make an informed decision, you should break down the candidates that you’ve chosen.

The Upgrade is best left to the experts

You may still believe that you can upgrade your electrical wiring in Singapore by yourself. Always call the professionals when it comes to wiring.

Do not overload outlets

You shouldn’t plug in more than one high-wattage item into an outlet at once. You should also know how much power your wiring supply can handle so that you don’t plug devices with higher wattages. Overloading outlets can lead to melted connections, burnt insulation, and even a fire.

Use power strips

Plug your appliances, television, computer, etc. Plug your appliances, televisions, computers, etc. into a surge-protected outlet. You can rest assured that lightning won’t strike your electrical wires and cause damage to your belongings. You can save energy by using power strips. Turn them off when not in use.

Take precautions

An electrical fire can quickly spread and can be very dangerous. If the fire extinguisher fails to put out the fire, evacuate everyone from the house and call 911 for assistance. Do not try to fight the fire yourself, wait outside for help.

Replace cords

Do not try to fix your cords with tape or splice them if they are damaged or frayed. To avoid electrical malfunctions, replace your cords with newer ones.

Keep your distance

Incandescent light bulbs, heaters and other heating elements can get very hot and could ignite if they were near anything flammable. Keep them out of curtains, clothing, towels and upholstered furniture.

Avoid water

Your first instinct when you see a fire is to put water on it. Water conducts electricity and could make an electrical fire worse. Instead, you can use your fire extinguisher.

Attention to your Breaker

Sometimes a breaker will trip and need to be reset. If your breaker trips immediately after you reset it, this could indicate a larger electrical problem. Do not keep trying to reset your breaker. This could lead to a fire. Instead, contact an electrician like Spower Electrician Singapore.

Spower Electrician Singapore offers complete residential electrical services. We do all types of electrical work from electrical inspections to regular maintenance. Contact us at +6583836111 / hello@spower.com.sg to receive a quote.

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