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Our low-cost electrical wiring packages can be used in old homes with outdated wiring or new homes with poor wiring. For a free quote, get in touch.

Why electrical rewiring at home is important

Two scenarios call for electrical rewiring. The first is that your property is older and the wiring is outdated. This can lead to persistent electrical problems and safety concerns you want to address. You want to modify or upgrade the electrical circuit in order to increase aesthetics or accessibility. Our rewiring electricians are available to help you with any of these reasons. They also offer affordable pricing. Contact us today to schedule a free on-site survey or a quote.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides complete electrical services including emergency electrician service in Singapore. Our EMA licensed electricians and electrical technicians have been certified by EMA/BCA/IDA and are specifically trained to handle any type of electrical repair and works, including ceiling fan installation, power recovery, as also wiring and wiring rewiring. Our electricians have over 10 years of experience. We have completed hundreds of electrical jobs for a condo, residential, as well as HDB homeowners and commercial customers. We have many happy customers and glowing feedback.

Electrical Rewiring

Do I need to rewire my old house?

Rewiring may be necessary if you live in an older property that was built over 20 years ago. The insulation around the core of the wiring becomes less durable over time, which exposes the inner wires. This can lead to short-circuiting and overheating which are the most common causes of electrocution or electrical fires. It is best to get the professional rewiring done if your wiring has become corrosive. Here are some signs that you should look for to determine if rewiring is required on your property.

  • Circuit breakers tripping for seemingly no reason – recurring tripping
  • Burnt rubber and plastic odours persist around switches and outlets
  • Around outlets and switches, blackened or charred plastic

You should get your property rewired if you see any of these signs. Many homeowners hesitate to have a complete rewiring of their entire property because they worry about the expense. Rewiring can be a costly task and will cost you over 1,000 dollars. Rewiring is not only a one-time investment but also an investment in your safety and the long-term health of your family.

It increases the value of your home and makes it more appealing to potential renters and homebuyers. The condition of your home and wiring are crucial when you decide to rent or sell it. Your home’s value and appeal will increase significantly if it has the most current wiring and sufficient outlets. People are searching for new places to live and want comfort, conveniences, and a place that won’t cause them any headaches.

It also provides convenience for those who live on the property. Rewiring your home gives you the chance to add power points and electrical circuits to it. A recent study by The Straits Times found that the average Singaporean has more than three devices and spends over half of their day using them. Your home may not have enough outlets to charge all your devices and keep them running if it was built in the past few decades.

Do not add to your list halfway through

These are expensive and time-consuming. You can avoid them by drawing a home plan with every room on graph paper, and marking the positions of sofas, beds, and kitchen units. The lighting and switches that are required can be considered. It is easy to make small changes like the under-cabinet or bedside lighting, but they can be costly later.

Also, think about the task, mood, and feature lighting.

Learn how electricians work

The majority of competent and skilled electricians charge a flat price for domestic work. They then add on costs for alterations. Most electricians charge for the first fix supply and fitting. This includes cabling and back boxes. Then, the client will discuss the specifications for the second fix.

Do the work yourself

Although it is possible to complete the work yourself, you will need to be able to understand what you are doing. You will need to apply for Building Regulations, have your work checked by qualified electricians before and after it is completed, and then get a safety certificate that passes the work.

Before you begin, make sure that you have someone to sign off on your installation. This approach is dangerous from both a safety standpoint and a financial one.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides a wide range of residential electric services in Singapore. All types of electrical work are possible, from inspections to maintenance. Call us today at +6583836111 to get a quote or email us at hello@spower.com.sg for a free estimate.


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