Signs You Should Hire a New Electrical Contractor

Singapore homeowners hire an electrical contractor for repairs and electrical installations. To make sure that the quality of work is high, it is important to hire a competent and knowledgeable contractor for the job. But if the hired contractor is prone to committing mistakes that can put your family’s safety at risk, maybe you should consider changing your contractor. Although it may take some time, finding an electrical contractor that you can trust and depend on will save you from all the worries and stress brought by electrical repairs.

Here are the tell-tale signs of when you should hire a new electric service provider:

They Display Unprofessional Behavior 

Displaying unprofessional behaviour can put off any customers and clients. An ideal electrical contractor must know how to properly deal with their customers and understand that answering their customers’ questions or queries is their job. Electrician services should be transparent to their clients about costs, time, and other factors involved in the job. They should be prompt in answering calls and they should abide by the deadline or the agreement they had with their clients. Whether you are looking for a commercial or HDB electrician, this is the first factor that you should consider before hiring them.

They Refuse To Obtain Permits 

For circuit breaker services or other electrical repair and replacement, it is important to hire a contractor with relevant permits. If a contractor is not licensed, there are chances that they will not agree to get the permits. There can also be instances when they will ask the customers to retrieve the permits for them. The latter should be avoided because this will mean that the client will also be held accountable in case an accident during work occurs. In these cases, the client should find a new contractor who can obtain permits.

They Only Accept Cash Payments 

In Singapore, some contractors doing electrical work only accept cash as payment. There are instances when contractors scam their clients by taking a large cash advance and then disappearing even before the work begins. Since cash payments cannot be traced, the money paid cannot be retrieved. Reputable contractors have long-term relationships with loyal clients and often accept cheque payments. Before engaging with a contractor, make sure that they are reliable technicians and that they are true to their words. If the contractor insists on cash payments, it may indicate that he is not keeping a financial record, or he does not want to be traced.

They Do Not Have A License 

Licensed electricians in Singapore are the only people who are permitted to do electrical services. This ensures that the work done is of high quality and is based on the safety standards mandated by authorities. The client can also complain or request a rework if they are not satisfied with the service they received. It is also easy to identify if the contractor is licensed because they should have an identity card with a photo and license details on it. If a contractor cannot provide you with license details, it is most likely that the contractor is not licensed.

They Provide An Incomplete Contract

For any electrical issue requiring major electrical work, the contractor should prepare a contract where the scope of the work is clearly stated. If for example, you decided to have an electrical wiring installation done at your home, the contractor should be able to provide you with a contract specifying the cost of materials, labour, the timeframe, the payment terms, and conditions. You should make sure that the contract is clear and complete to avoid disputes that may arise in the middle of the work. If a contractor does not provide you with a contractor that only gives you incomplete information, you should find another contractor immediately.

The Workers Do Not Have Insurance

Electrical troubleshooting services and any type of electrical work are high-risk jobs. Accidents can happen at any moment, therefore it is important to find a contractor that ensures all their electricians. If the contractor is not providing insurance, the client will be liable for damages and expenses incurred in case of an emergency. In Singapore, there are a lot of affordable electricians, but before hiring them, insurance is one of the most important factors that you should consider.

They Ask For An Excessively High Deposit 

In Singapore, there are cheap electricians and there are also those who charge deposits before the beginning of work. Usually, the deposit is less than 20% of the total value of the work. However, there are contractors who ask for 50% or more of the total amount. Contractors who charge big deposits before starting work have the tendency to abandon the client after taking the deposit or perform low-quality work since they cannot be held accountable anymore. As a precautionary measure, avoid hiring contractors who ask for large deposits. Instead, look for a contractor who you can trust and who offers their services at a reasonable price.


When hiring a new electrical contractor, it is important to look for these signs to make sure that you are choosing the right company for the job. Choosing an experienced contractor such as Daylight Electrician can save you time in looking for one. They have positive reviews on their site, and you can get the service you deserve because they have skilled and knowledgeable electricians.


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