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We will provide complete electrical services for all types of properties, residential, commercial, or industrial. We are available to help with all electrical problems, no matter how simple or complex. We can help you make the best decisions for any electrical job.


A licensed electrician will ensure your safety and that of your family or staff from any sloppy work done by inexperienced electricians. You can trust that we will only work with qualified, licensed and trained experts who can inspect and repair faulty wiring and other electrical installations.


Professional and licensed electricians deliver high-quality workmanship every time. Check out our customer reviews to see examples of efficient and fast electrical work. Give us a shout and we'll be there as soon as possible.

The following services are offered by us:
  • Electrical Distribution Board
  • Electric Wiring
  • Power Point / Socket Installation
  • Electric switches
  • Electric lights
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Electric water heater
  • Doorbell
  • Electrical Distribution Board

An electrical distribution board can be called many things. Distribution box, box, db, board, dbboard, electrical panel, switch box and breaker box are the most common names for an electrical distribution board. Each residential HDB flat, condo or landed property must have its own DB Box.

An electrical distribution board is an element that distributes electricity safely from one circuit to multiple smaller ones. A distribution box is a component that connects a residential property to its electrical supply and distributes electricity to smaller circuits.

How an Electrical Consumer Unit or DB Box keeps you safe

By preventing electrical faults from causing electrocution or fire, distribution boards can keep you safe. If a circuit is experiencing a fault, it will shut off the power. Circuit breaker is the component in a distribution board that detects faults and disconnects them. These rectangular blocks have a lever attached to them. We will discuss the multiple circuit breakers that make up each distribution board later.

When is it time to replace your distribution box?

If you smell burnt plastic around your enclosure, it is time to replace the DB box. This could indicate a problem with the wiring or a loose connection. These problems could have caused irreparable damage or even death to components of the distribution board. If the problem is not addressed by an electrician, it will only get worse.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides electrical services such as circuit breaker, distribution boards, and rewiring. We would be happy to talk with you by phone or WhatsApp about DB box installation or other electrical services.

Electric Wiring

Our electricians are available to help you install, repair, or replace anything electrical. You can read more about our services or contact us for a quote.

What are you looking for an electrician to help you with?
  • Electrical repair services
  • Services for electrical installation
  • Repair circuit breaker power trip
  • Emergency electrician services
  • Services for property rewiring

Spower Electrician Singapore will take care of all electrical needs in your home. Our friendly, well-mannered electricians are available to provide all electrical services. All of our electrical services are affordable and accessible. There are no minimum job requirements. We can assist you with any type of electrical service, including a single-light repair or a complete home rewire. For a friendly conversation, get in touch with our team via WhatsApp or phone to receive a free quotation for an electrical service.

We offer a guarantee on all services and are certified by BCA. This means you can rely on us to provide long-lasting, high-quality electrical solutions. Over a thousand island homeowners trust our electricians. Our commercial clients include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association. A Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW), who helps with major electrical services and licensing electricity for commercial locations, is also available.

Power Point / Socket Installation

The power socket is an integral part of everyday life. It is not uncommon to see someone owning more than 4-5 electronic devices due to the increasing demand for electronics in this digital age. More electronics means more demand for power points in the home to charge or use.

Hire a Spower Electrician Singapore

Many owners find it difficult to hire a professional Spower Electrician Singapore because they rarely work with them. We have worked with many owners and understand the challenges they face.

Do It Yourself is a great option for many homeowners, but when it comes to electricity, we recommend hiring a professional.

Our number one priority is your safety. You don't have to risk your safety when a small amount of money can fix your problem.

Electric switches

Electric switches and outlets in Singapore homes are essential as they simplify household tasks. If they are not maintained properly, they can become damaged or malfunctioning which could lead to costly electrical repairs. Regular maintenance and care are necessary to prevent this from happening. An electrician can also be called to inspect your switches every once in a while, to ensure that they work properly.

It will pay off in the long-term if you maintain your outlets and switches. It will not only keep your electrical system in peak condition but it will also allow you to save money on repairs and replacements. Spower Electrician Singapore is the best option if you have any problems with your outlets and switches. We are licensed and certified electricians that can handle all types of electrical problems. Our customers also get honest and transparent electric services at reasonable prices.

Electric lights

Do you need electrical work done for a new HDB, condo, or landed home? You might be a long-term resident of your home and have experienced frequent electrical problems. This could indicate that your electrical appliances need to be repaired or replaced. Let an EMA-licensed electrician inspect your wiring and other components to make sure that they are in good working order. Spower Electrician Singapore makes it easy to perform minor home repairs by having all of the services you require on one platform. All of our electricians are EMA-licensed and can conduct comprehensive home inspections at affordable market rates. There are no middlemen fees. Call us to schedule a consultation. We provide an honest and transparent quote before we go down to inspect.

Ceiling Fans

Are you looking to update an outdated room? If you're interested in this option, Spower Electrician Singapore will make your room stand out from the rest. Before you buy a fan, it is important to consider its appearance and cost, as well how easy it will install. It is also worth looking into the effects of the fan on the energy efficiency.

Spower Electrician Singapore is available at almost any hardware store, as well as online. Although online stores often offer lower prices, you won't be able to have someone help you select what you need. Local stores have knowledgeable staff that can help you make the right decision for you. If you have any problems installing the hardware, they can help. Hardware stores often offer free installation advice.

Electric water heater

These are the key points to remember if you're looking to install new water heater in your home.

Types of water heater

There are many water heaters that have different capabilities, as we've already explained. You will need to choose between an instant or a storage water heater.


Most adults are aware that being financially conscious can be a hidden trait. It is no surprise that you want the best water heater for your budget.

Installation location

You may prefer instant water heaters to storage water heaters depending on where you live.

Energy consumption

You should be aware of your energy consumption. You might consider water heaters that are more efficient if you have a budget and are conscious of your utility bills.

Life cycles & Maintenance

Instant heaters last between 10 and 15 years, while storage heater tanks can last from 8 to 13 years. Our professional plumbers recommend that instant heaters be checked and maintained every 3 to5 years, and every 5 year for storage heater tanks.


Different water heaters offer different warranties. Manufacturers usually offer a 1-year warranty for parts on instant heaters. However, it can vary from brand to brand.

There are many water heaters on the Singapore market. Each one has its own appeal. Some prefer storage heaters while others prefer instant heaters. It all depends on where they live and what benefits it offers. There are many water heater brands on the market, each offering its top-selling model. To avoid problems, it is essential to maintain your water heater. Spower Electrician Singapore can help you with any problem with your water heater, no matter what type it is.


Spower Electrician Singapore offers complete electric services, including the supply and installation of electrical spare parts or fixtures. Our EMA Licensed electricians and electrical workers have been EMA/BCA/IDA-certified and are specially trained to perform all types of electrical repairs and work, including light installation and power socket replacement, recovery from power failure, as well as wiring and rewiring. Over 20 years experience in electricians and thousands of electric works completed for residential (Landed and condo electricians and HDB electricians) and commercial electricians.

Spower Electrician Singapore has a number of highly recommended technicians with many satisfied customers and reviews. Call +6583836111 to get fair pricing on all minor home repairs.

Do You Really Need to Solve Electrical Problems All by Yourself?

An electrical problem can prove to be hazardous, whether it is a power surge, a flickering light or a single flashing light. If left unattended, it can quickly become a fire hazard or electrocution hazard.

However, should you really try to solve your own electrical problems?

It's crucial to understand the exact problem and cause before you attempt to repair it.

Are your lights flickering?

The sockets are properly connected to the wires in a closed circuit so lights don't flicker. However, this could still happen if there are appliances that require a lot of power or if your transformer is not working correctly.

If your lights are flickering more than usual, it could be either a loose connection or a malfunctioning switch.

What's causing your circuit breaker to trip?

Circuit breakers can shut down your home's electrical system when they sense a sudden power surge or power surge. This prevents fire hazards and electrocution.

This could be due to a number of reasons. The first is that your main line is experiencing an unexpected surge from the main power supply. This is rare.

A loose connection is another reason your circuit breaker could trip. If you notice charred or burned areas around a circuit breaker, these loose connections can be easily identified. Circuits can be reset if they trip but frequent trips indicate a bigger problem.

You might need to have someone look at your circuit breaker. To get an accurate assessment, a professional electrician is required.

What's a Power Surge?

After passing through the circuit's main power points, electricity flows continuously from the main powerline to your home's electric wiring. You will always have electricity as long as the circuit breaker switches are turned on.

But power surges can be dangerous and cause your home to go into shock. These are rare and can be prevented with a good connection.

A surge protector is also helpful if you have sensitive or high-voltage appliances in your home such as lamps or gadgets with high power.

Common Home Electrical Problems

It's difficult to know what you can do about electrical hazards because of all the potential dangers.

The good news is that not all problems are major. Here are some common electrical problems that you will encounter at one time or another:

  • General power outage – Power outages are possible, but they don't usually pose a problem unless you're the only one experiencing them.
  • A particular tripped circuit breaker - Tripped breakers may be reset, but frequent trips can indicate damage.
  • To avoid electrical hazards, replace burned-out bulbs
  • Faulty Doorbell - To keep your doorbells working correctly, they need to be replaced or repaired.
  • Faulty Cord: Some exposed wires can easily be sealed and fastened with electrical tape

You can fix most of these issues yourself if you use the correct safety tips. For example, make sure you wear the proper safety gear and turn off the power when you are working.

Home Electrical Repairs You Can Make

It is always better to prevent electrical hazards from your home. There are basic electrical repairs that you can make in your own home. These are some of the most common:

  • Replacing a burned-out lightbulb
  • Replacing a trip circuit
  • Use duct tape to fix a wire or cord.
  • Loosen a loose plug

These repairs are usually quick and inexpensive. However, if your circuit is tripped, it's best to call a professional electrician to help you safely.

How to Keep your Home Electrically Safe

It is important to keep your home well-insulated from electricity. This is especially important if you don’t have any experience with this type of work.

It is important to keep your home's electric circuit current and properly maintained. To get the best results, call an electrician to perform routine maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

You want an electrician team with years of experience and the skills to repair any electrical problems in your home. This is where Spower Electrician Singapore is.

24-Hour Electrician Service

You don't want electrical problems to happen at any moment.

Spower Electrician Singapore knows the importance of quick action to resolve electrical problems around the clock. We have a team licensed electricians you can call anytime.

We can diagnose and repair any type of electrical problem, from malfunctions to blown fuse.

Our team is quick to respond so you can return to your daily routine in no time.

Singapore's Spower Electrician Services Call 6583836111

Our company is an electrician and has more than 20 years of experience in professional electric installation, maintenance, and repair.

We also offer electrician services, repair electrician Singapore and electrician repairs, as well as electrician repair, power failures, power tripping, electrician repair, electrical testing, blackout, short circuit, rewiring, and extension. Electrical repair, electrical Singapore.

A professional electrician must perform all electrical work. This includes extensions, new wiring and rewiring. All electrical work must be tested before it is turned on. If the electrician isn't qualified, power failure can be a certainty. If a consumer requires any electrical work done on his premises, it is important to verify that the electrician he plans to hire can do the work.

Before starting any electrical work, licensed electricians perform a thorough site survey and audit to ensure compliance with the Singapore Standard, Code of Practice for Electrical Installations. Electricians design, install, repair, maintain, inspect, operate, inspect, and test electrical / supply installation where the operating voltage does not exceed 1000 V and the load approved for such installations does not exceed 45 KVA.

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