The Best Types of Electrical Repair Services Left to Professionals

Most homeowners trust their local electricians when it comes to fixing electrical problems. Because electrical repair professionals have the experience and skills to perform repairs quickly and efficiently. Although you can fix a loose plug or replace a blown fuse easily, there are certain situations that you shouldn’t attempt to fix on your own.

We have listed four types of electrical repairs that should be left to an electrician.

Rewiring or replacing wiring in your home.

Homeowners shouldn’t attempt to replace or rewire their home’s wiring system. Anything can go wrong without the proper knowledge and skills. This can cause electrical shorts and even fires in your home.

To replace your wiring if it is outdated, an electrician will be needed. Not only will they know how to properly rewire your house, but they’ll also be able to secure all permits necessary.

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Upgrade or replacement of panels

It’s time for an upgrade to your electrical panel if your home is older than 25-40 years. Electrical panels are designed to last between 40 and 60 years. They will need to be replaced if they become faulty or outdated. You may notice key signs such as circuit breakers that trip or dim or flickering light, electric shocks when you touch appliances, and circuit breakers that keep tripping.

It is risky to work on the electric panels in your home. It is safer to call an electrician in Singapore than attempt to fix it yourself. Before replacing or upgrading your panels, he or she will inspect the wiring in your home.

Replacing burnt outlets.

Overloaded circuits and damaged wiring can cause outlets to turn black or get burned. It’s time for electrical repair and services. This problem can only be addressed by a professional electrician. A professional electrician can also diagnose the problem and address it promptly before it becomes worse.

If you smell burning or notice smoke coming from your outlets, you should immediately contact an electrician to have them replaced. They could cause a fire if left unattended.

Repairing large appliances.

Panic can often result from appliances not working suddenly. Before you look for new appliances, it is worth looking into having your current appliances repaired by professionals.

Call the experts immediately if your refrigerator’s exterior is warm or the motor seems to be running constantly. You may also need to repair your washer if it leaks or makes excessive noises while being washed.

Get Amperage Ratings

Every device and wiring that uses electricity has an amp rating. This rating is the maximum electrical current they can safely handle. Standard household circuits can handle 15 amps to 20 amps. Large-appliance circuits such as those used for electric dryers or ranges may require a rating of 30, 40, 50, or more.

All parts used to install or replace wiring or devices must meet the required amperage rating. A 20-amp circuit, for example, must use 12-gauge wiring that is rated at 20 amps. You create a fire hazard by installing 14-gauge 15-amp wiring to that circuit. The circuit breaker protecting the circuit may not turn off before the 15 amp wiring heats up.

Secure Your Wiring Connections

Conductors are metal contacts and wires that conduct electricity. Smooth transitions between conductors are possible with tight connections. However, loose connections can act as speed bumps and restrict the flow of electricity. This creates friction and heat. Arcing is when electricity jumps through the air between conductors, creating enormous heat.

Respect Polarization and Grounding

Modern electrical systems require grounding and polarization to ensure safety. Grounding allows for the safe passage of stray electricity that is caused by faults or other problems in a circuit. Polarization ensures that the electrical current travels from the source via “hot” wires, and returns to it via neutral wires.

Follow the manufacturer’s wiring instructions when replacing fixtures. Also, understand and use your home’s grounding system in order to maintain grounding and polarization.

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An accident or injury could result from incorrect electrical repairs. You are putting your safety and your life at risk by not having the proper tools and experience. These four electrical problems should not be taken lightly. Instead, hire a professional electrician to inspect and repair your electrical system.

You should also ensure that you hire an expert in electrical repairs in Singapore.


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