Emergency Electrician Services Singapore

Contact us immediately if you have an emergency and need an electrician in a hurry.

An emergency electrician can help you solve the problem in a matter of minutes. We serve all customers, no matter how big or small, in Singapore. We are often asked to fix constant power tripping and burnt sockets and wire, sparking isolators, switches, and melted Circuit Breakers.

We can provide next-day and same-day service depending on availability, but our electricians cannot currently provide 24-hour emergency service.

You can contact us via WhatsApp or phone to get assistance from our emergency electricians. You don’t have to book an appointment with us. Talk to us about your electrical concerns to learn more about our services. We can arrange an appointment if we find that we are able to help you.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides complete electrical services including emergency electrician service in Singapore. Our EMA licensed electricians and electrical technicians have been certified by EMA/BCA/IDA and are specifically trained to handle any type of electrical repair and works, including ceiling fan installation, power recovery, as also wiring and wiring rewiring. Our electricians have over 10 years of experience. We have completed hundreds of electrical jobs for a condo, residential, as well as HDB homeowners and commercial customers. We have many happy customers and glowing feedback.

Circuit breaker power trip? Emergency electrician

A power trip protects an electrical circuit from overload or short circuit. A fault condition is when a circuit breaker detects one of these situations. The contacts are opened to interrupt the circuit and cause a power trip. This condition can be caused by many things. Faulty appliances, overloaded outlets and deteriorated wiring are just a few examples.

There are two possible causes why the circuit breaker keeps tripping after it has been reset. The first is that the circuit breaker detects a fault condition and will not allow power to turn back on until it is corrected. This reduces the chance of electrocution or fire. The circuit breaker must also be replaced if it is damaged. No matter what the situation, our emergency electricians will safely turn your power back on. For a free quote and estimate on our arrival times, get in touch now

Emergencies for electrical fittings that have melted, burned or sparked

If you notice that the electrical fittings have become melted, burned, or sparking, turn off the circuit immediately. An emergency electrician should inspect it immediately. Our emergency electricians can diagnose the problem and repair your electrical fittings at a reasonable price. An electrical fitting can spark, melt, or catch fire for three reasons: poor electrical connections, overloaded circuits and faulty wiring. Two problems result.

Problem number one is that the circuit allows an electric current to travel in an unintended direction, creating a dangerous surge of current, also known as a short circuit. This can cause a dangerous spark, and/or a rapid rise in temperature which may lead to melting or burning. Problem number two is that the current drawn through a circuit exceeds safe limits. This causes excessive heating in wires and electrical fittings, which can lead to both meltings. Whatever the reason, call our team to have a friendly conversation and receive a free quote for the repair.

The emergence of burning smells from electrical wiring and fittings

Burning smells can be caused by either overloads or short circuits. An overload occurs when an electrical circuit draws more current than it can handle. Circuit breakers should trip when an overload occurs to prevent them from overheating. However, this may not always happen in all cases. Overloaded circuits can continue to draw electricity and will overheat, melting safety insulation.

A potential fire hazard is indicated by the smell of plastic or rubber burning. Turn off the circuit breaker that is causing the smell and get the problem checked by an emergency electrician immediately. We are happy to provide assistance or more information about our rates and service.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides a wide range of residential electric services in Singapore. All types of electrical work are possible, from inspections to maintenance. Call us today at +6583836111 to get a quote or email us at hello@spower.com.sg for a free estimate.


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