How to find energy-efficient equipment for your office

Many offices and businesses rely on computers, printers and copiers to run their daily operations. This is why Singapore’s commercial buildings consume so much energy. Even though they pay high electricity bills, offices and businesses ignore the many benefits of using energy-efficient equipment, as long as they are not interrupted in their day.

Here are some tips to make your office or business more energy-efficient.

Take a Measurement of All Office Equipment

A licensed electrician can conduct an energy audit of your business or office by hiring them. A metering device can be used to do this manually, but a skilled electrician will be able to identify equipment that is using too much energy.

Plan regular maintenance

Regular inspections and maintenance should be scheduled with an electrician service company. This will help determine whether the office’s electrical work needs adjustments, alterations, or repairs. It will make your office safer for customers and employees, as well as make the staff more aware of how energy is being used in the office. It is common to hire an electrician to inspect the premises if the office plans to install new devices, upgrade the office, or make repairs or renovations.

Improve Power Management

It might be time for your business or office to replace all its electrical equipment with Energy Star-certified materials. This label certifies that computers, laptops and printers have met the energy efficiency standards and are equipped with features that allow the company to conserve electricity when not in use. Ask any Singaporean electrician if you are concerned about the quality of the product. They will tell you these machines perform better than other energy-efficient products. It is also worth comparing the results of the previous energy measurements with the new numbers after installing the energy-efficient machines.

Install power strips

In large offices, phantom electricity can cause problems. This is when an outlet uses electricity even though it is off. You can attach power strips to prevent this. They will shut down all devices that are connected to them at once. This will make it much easier to unplug than checking each unit individually before closing down the office.

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Set Office Rules

All employees should be trained on how to use office electrical equipment. This includes unplugging devices that aren’t in use in order to conserve energy. The equipment can still use up to 10% of its power even when it is turned off or in sleep mode. To allow the machines to cool down, you should set up a schedule for the use of copiers and printers. They will require more energy if they are used too often. Every electronic device, including coffee machines and water coolers, should have a timer, or a sleep mode, in case of employees forget to turn it off or aren’t using it yet.

Switch to LCD Monitors or Laptops

Although computers are essential in many offices in Singapore, you may want to switch some of your desktop units with energy-efficient laptops. You can get more desktop units by choosing liquid crystal displays (LCD), which use less power than a CRT screen.

Smart lighting is possible

Lighting can be an important factor in energy consumption for large offices, particularly those that operate after dark. Even if it is impossible to make an office more energy-efficient, strategic lighting can help lower your electric bills. Because they last longer than compact fluorescent and incandescent lights, light-emitting diode lamps (LED) can be installed in your office. They are also heat-resistant and compact, making them durable and able to withstand high temperatures. You can also get motion-sensing lighting that turns on and off automatically.

Upgrading the Office’s Ventilating Systems

To reduce energy consumption and improve machine performance, it is important to upgrade your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems to more energy-efficient models. To determine the cooling and heating requirements of your home, consult an electrician in Singapore before upgrading the ventilation systems.

Preventive Maintenance

To keep office equipment in good condition, it is important to inspect and maintain them regularly. An electrician licensed in Singapore should be hired by an office if it does not have a residential electrician. He will inspect the electrical equipment to check for any problems, such as lighting, switches, and plugs and determine whether the machines are receiving enough energy.

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