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Have you ever had an appliance fail at your home and tried to repair it yourself? Although it may be tempting to fix it yourself to save money on electrician fees, it is best to hire a licensed electrician to complete the job. Our electricians are more skilled than you and have the technical knowledge to safely conduct these electrical services.

Although it is not recommended to do electrical work yourself, minor repairs and replacements can be done. You can do small electrical jobs that don’t require any wires or skilled work by following these simple steps. You should be able to understand what you’re doing, as mistakes can lead to serious dangers. If you don’t know what to do, contact an EMA licensed electrician for assistance.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides complete electrical services including emergency electrician service in Singapore. Our EMA licensed electricians and electrical technicians have been certified by EMA/BCA/IDA and are specifically trained to handle any type of electrical repair and works, including ceiling fan installation, power recovery, as also wiring and wiring rewiring. Our electricians have over 10 years of experience. We have completed hundreds of electrical jobs for a condo, residential, as well as HDB homeowners and commercial customers. We have many happy customers and glowing feedback.

Signs that your home needs electrical repair

Electric switches that are damaged

Regular use of electrical switches can cause wear and tear. It is not always possible to avoid electric shocks, but it is important that electrical switches are quickly repaired.

Electric Outlets that Spark when an Appliance Is Plugged In

A power socket can produce sparks for many reasons. There are many reasons why a power socket might produce a spark. These include short circuits, water exposure and poor repairs. To avoid potential dangers, make sure your electrical socket or powerpoint is installed by a professional electrician.

Frequent trips of circuit breakers

Circuit breakers trip when overloading occurs. This is when a circuit is carrying a greater electrical load than it can handle. This causes power failure, which turns off all electricity in the house.

Signs that you need an electrical wiring repair & replacement

We use many electrical appliances each day and often forget to check that their wiring is still intact. We’re here to help you understand the signs that indicate that your electrical wiring needs repair or replacement.

Broken Wires

All electrical wiring in your home is susceptible to fraying due to heat, age and corrosion. However, sharp edges and screws can also cause damage to the wires. Rodents can chew on wires and cause damage. If you suspect rodent activity in your home, inspect every wire and check for frays. Damaged electrical wiring can pose a danger to your safety and cause additional electrical problems. Get a professional electrician to conduct an electrical rewiring right away.

Excessive heat damage

You should be concerned if you find scorch marks on electrical outlets or switches. This could be a sign that the wiring is not done correctly. It is important to note that electrical outlets and switches should not be touched with warmth.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Overloading can lead to circuit breakers frequently tripping. If you notice any damage to your circuit breaker or your electrical wiring, it is best to replace your panel immediately. These problems can be avoided by hiring a professional electrician to install your electrical wiring.

Visible Smoke

Are you seeing smoke coming from the appliance or electrical wiring? It is best to turn them off immediately. If you are unable to locate the source of smoke, it is best to immediately turn them off.

Dimming Lights

Your circuit or electrical wiring may be overloading if your lighting fixtures are dimming when you turn on the outlets. You can prevent your safety by checking your circuit and electrical wiring. To ensure that your wiring is working properly, you will need to call an electrician.

Loose connections and switches

Regular use of electric appliances can cause electrical switch connections to become loosened. You should check that all outlet covers and switch plates are in good shape. This will allow you to make sure that your electrical wiring is securely secured within its container. You should replace any damaged, cracked or missing plates as soon as possible.

Types of Electrical Repair & Replacement

Spower Electrician Singapore Electric offers high-quality, affordable electrical services. These are some of the services we offer for electrical repair and replacement:

Ceiling Fan (replacement service available)

A fully functional ceiling fan is a must in Singapore’s hot climate. Ceiling fans can sometimes need to be repaired immediately if they make a hum or wobble. These signs are indicators that you should contact an electrician to replace your ceiling fan in Singapore.


Is your light fixture flickering or burning out quickly? These are all signs you should get a light repaired. Home lighting repairs in Singapore should be done only by an electrician. This will ensure that future problems are avoided which in turn leads to lower costs.

Electric switches

As we use electrical switches more often, they pose more dangers at home. Our team has extensive experience in electrical switch repair and replacement.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides a wide range of residential electric services in Singapore. All types of electrical work are possible, from inspections to maintenance. Call us today at +6583836111 to get a quote or email us at hello@spower.com.sg for a free estimate.


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