Why is Your Water Heater Switch Warm?

Compared to other appliances, the water heater consumes more electricity in most Singapore homes, therefore electrical switch installation is more expensive than other switches. A water heater switch is usually designed to withstand heat when the water heater is used for long periods of time. Since the electrical current is stronger in heaters, switch designers do not want to waste electricity on the switch. However, there are instances when two-way heater switches become hot, and below are the reasons why this happens.

Before moving on to the reason why the water heater switch becomes hot, homeowners should understand that the main cause of a hot switch is a power trip in the circuit. When a switch has a power trip, the resistance increases causing the rise in temperature and heating of the switch. This issue should not be taken lightly because it can lead to irreversible damages and the homeowner should ask for help from providers with electrician services.

Switch Is Overloading 

The most common electrical switch problem for a heater is overloading. The switch is designed to withstand electrical current for up to 15 amperes only because the metal and other electrical components are built for low resistance. In case of an overload, the current that passes through the switch shoots up to 20 amperes. This causes the switch to heat up because the pins are unable to accommodate the current. When this happens, it is advisable to change the water heater switch to the correct size or replace it with a switch with a higher load capacity.

Faulty Wiring 

Electrical wiring connects the heater to the switch. Due to factors such as sparking and vibration, the connection between the wires may become loose over time and may also cause the metals in the wires and the switch to oxidize. When these happen, electrical resistance increases, making the wires and switch heat up. The electric cable may also go off when the cable is not the right gauge for the switch. Rewiring the cable connected properly might be the necessary fix for this.

Switch Is Faulty 

Most manufacturer gives a warranty to their switches but there may be instances when the water heater switch malfunctions earlier than expected. The switch may experience oxidation because of sparking and it may also get loose. When used for a long period of time, the components inside the switch may also corrode and get damaged. The wires get burnt when the current resistance increase due to high electrical current flow. The switch is expected to get warm when this happens. To avoid this scenario, the homeowner must request for water heater switch replacement from the manufacturer and have an electrician fix the burnt wire.


Water heater switches are made to last for a long time but just like other installations, they need constant checking to avoid malfunctioning and damage. Professionals like Spower electricians can determine the problem in water heater switch in no time with their experienced electricians and electrical tools. They also offer electrical troubleshooting services depending on your home’s needs.


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