Myths About Home Smart Switch Installation

The home automation industry in Singapore has become rampant for the past three decades. Building homes with technologies like smart lights and bulbs, smart aircon, and many more advanced appliances.

One great advancement in technology is smart light switches. These electrical switches use internet connections to connect to different smart devices at home. However, even if they have many advantages and benefits, many Singaporeans have formulated myths about this device.

We will discuss some in the article below:

Smart Switch Installation Is Complicated

You encounter the terms “smart home” or “smart switch” when you are choosing light switches for your house and you may easily become intimidated. That is because it suggests that it will be more technologically advanced. However, smart switches can be very easily installed. It just needs a stable internet connection, a smartphone, and a one-time light switch installation to be connected to multiple devices.

Smart Switches Have High Energy Consumption

Many think that installing a smart switch in their homes will cause their electricity bills to fluctuate. However, that is not the case with smart switches. One of the benefits of installing smart switches is that it does not consume too much energy and they can be monitored and tracked using a smart app. You can also keep track of which lights or devices need to be turned off at home.

Smart Switches Are A Security Risk

Typically, a device that is connected to the internet is prone to security breaches. However, if you are planning on a light switch replacement and choosing a smart switch, then you will be oriented that these types of switches have high-security standards.

Smart switches have built-in security features. If you are still afraid of any security breach then you can always use a firewall for your router, data encryption, and passwords that are hard to guess.

Smart Switches Are Complicated to Operate

If you are aware of how smart switches function, you probably know that it is very easy to control, especially when you have a stable internet connection. Having the most suited smart switch applications on your smartphone can also be a factor, if not, then you will most likely face issues.

Smart Switches Cost More

When planning on doing electrical works in your home, like a light switch installation, you should consider many factors such as your budget and the functionality of the switches. If your homes need more advanced features and personalized designs, then they will probably cost more than the average. However, smart switches are now very affordable, even the ones with good features.


Smart switches are quite new to the market, and because of that, a lot of information about them is not yet discussed. Thus, creating myths and misconceptions. This is one of the reasons to hire an EMA licensed electrician to assist you in your smart switch installation. You can be sure of their utmost knowledge and their efficiency. Do not hesitate to call Spower Electrician Singapore and we will deliver the best results in no time!


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