A Guide To Buying The Right Smart Switch For Your Home

Smart light switches are one of the most in-demand home appliances nowadays, and that is because of the great convenience it gives the homeowners. Not only that, but together with smart light installation it also adds up to the aesthetic of the homes.

However, if you are thinking of installing smart switches, you should be aware of the following:

Why You Need Smart Switches

If you install a smart light switch into your home, you can be sure that it will be hassle-free once you replace light fixtures. It also acts as a connection between your smart bulbs and plugs. Choosing smart light switches and purchasing will also not hurt your bank accounts because it will not trouble you in terms of combining and connecting them with your current lighting at home.

Smart switches have various types, learn more about them if you continue to read through this article:

Best-Selling Smart Switch Brands in Singapore


Tuya smart switches are known in the market for being the most optical. If you are choosing the best light installation for your home and deciding on installing a smart light switch, Tuya can be a good choice. It is known in the market to be the most optical smart switch in Singapore. That is because they have developed a very reliable, efficient, and convenient smart technology that uses no-code software. You are always going to have a bright and refreshing atmosphere at home if you install Tuya smart switches.

Tuya also supports motion sensors that turn on your lights when it detects human movement. This is also why you should choose to install dimmer light switches, because if you have a Tuya smart switch then it can be connected and turned on automatically. However, if you are not a fan of these features, you can easily disable them.

In cohesively controlling your Tuya smart switches, you may need to install the Smart Life app or the Tuya app. It can also be connected to Google Home and Amazon Alexa if you currently use these smart applications. You should also make sure that your Wi-Fi is at least 2.4 GHz.

When it comes to the wiring requirements, it does not need a neutral wire to be connected. However, you might get confused and have a hard time installing it. Hence, this is one of the smart reasons to hire an EMA licensed electrician.


If you are planning on a light switch replacement, you might appreciate the Aqara smart switch’s feature that lets you adjust your lights even if you are at a different location. You will not have to install new wirings into your home because it uses the Zigbee control system.

Another good thing about Aqara smart switches is that you will not have to engage in new light installation because they can be connected to your existing fixtures at home.

This is a WiFi/Bluetooth smart switch, that is why it switches on your lights once you walk inside your room, and it also offers a one-touch function.


Broadlink smart light switches have wireless control which lets you turn on or off your lighting system even if you are away from your home. When installing LED lights to replace fluorescent lights, you can choose the Wi-Fi-controlled variant that can be connected to a smart switch. It helps with preventing thieves or intruders into your home.

The look of these smart switches also helps with the aesthetic look of your home because it has a glass crystal board. With its straightforward design and advanced technology, you will never get confused about how to use it.

Kyla by Aztech

You may wonder why your light switch is not working and you are thinking of how to fix it on your own. Maybe, the best way is to actually replace it with an Aztec smart switch, so you do not have to go through all the hassle of repairing if the damage is already that severe. It is one of the few smart switch brands that supports customizable smart switching. If you use the Kyla app, you can turn on or off your lighting and smart curtains even if you are away from home. This will be a very good idea if you want to save energy.

Kyla by Aztech smart switches also lets you create a pre-set for your Aztech air conditioners, so it can automatically turn on if the room temperature becomes hot.


One of the things to consider before any light installation is that the smart switch can assure you of easy access to the automatic control of your curtain system, and existing lighting fixtures. and air conditioner. In installing Sonoff smart switches, you can get all three. You can control your lights, and turn them on or off, by only using your smartphone given that you have properly configured its settings.

Sonoff smart switches have 3 modes that all require a 2/4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. These are:

  • Self-locking mode: Lets you turn off your devices in an instant and separately.
  • Interlocking mode: Let’s you disable a device at the same time as turning on another.
  • Inching mode: Lets you turn on or off devices all at once.

Important Things To Take Note of When Installing Smart Switches


If you are using either Google Home, Alexa, Siri, or others, you can check if the smart switch is compatible with them. If you are planning on how to change your downlights or recessed lights and even planning to engage in LED lights replacement at your home, you can be sure that these devices can also be connected to the smart switches.

Connection Protocol

Switches That Use WiFi

Many smart switches in the market have a Wi-Fi module, in which they can be controlled using only a smartphone. You can also configure other devices if you are planning to install a dimmer light switch, to be connected with your smart switch. However, if you are going to be using a WiFi smart switch, take note that more devices require higher bandwidth.

Switches That Use Zigbee/Z-Wave

Zigbee/Z-Wave smart switches can be connected to up to 65,000 devices, that is why most buildings and bigger homes use them.

Take note that if you decide to use Zigbee smart switch, its range is only up to 60 feet. This is unlike the Z-Wave hub which has a range of 550 feet, but with limited devices connected up to 300.



Choosing smart light switches for your home to use can be confusing but if you have done your research and you took ample time to study their features, you will be able to decide in no time. Find a reliable electrician to help you out with your smart light switch installation. Do not hesitate to call Spower Electrician Singapore! Our team of experienced electricians can install your smart switches as safely as possible, with no hidden charges.


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