Best Electrical Contractors in Singapore

Sometimes a fuse breaks or your wiring is damaged. An electrician will be needed to repair those problems. How do you choose the right one? This article will help you find the best electrician in Singapore.

Electrical Contractor Services – What are your options?


The Energy Market Authority, or EMA as it is known, clearly states that anyone who engages in any type of electrical activity must have a valid working license. They should have either an Electrical Worker’s Licence (or an Electrical Installation Licence).

The Electrical Worker’s Licence allows for the following:

  • Electrician’s License
  • Licence for electrician
  • License as an electrical engineer

Even for simple electrical work, there are many certifications you need. Check to see if your electrician has a license. Before you hire them, it is a good idea to check with them.

Years of operation

Companies don’t survive in a competitive world if they provide poor service or charge too much. There is a lot of competition, especially in Singapore, which has a small population.

You can determine if an electrical contractor is reliable by looking at their operational history. If they have been in business for 10+ years, you can be sure that they are a reliable company who has served their customers well.

You should check to see if the company has competitive prices if it is a new company. If you only care about the quality of the work, a well-established business is a good choice.

The company’s size

Two things are implied by the size of the company. The availability of an electrician is one. Small businesses have fewer electricians so you may have to wait a while. Perhaps even for a few days. Larger companies will have more electricians on their payroll, and they would be able dispatch one of them quickly.

An electrician’s skills will also depend on the size of the company. One electrician can be a master of all trades in a small company. You will find electricians with expertise in one field, and thus do a better job.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides complete electrical services including emergency electrician service in Singapore. Our EMA licensed electricians and electrical technicians are EMA/BCA/IDA certified and specially trained to complete any type of electrical repair and works, including ceiling fan installation, power recovery, as well as wiring and rewiring. Our electricians have more than 10 years experience. We have completed hundreds of electrical jobs for condo, residential, as well as HDB homeowners as well as commercial customers. We have many satisfied clients and glowing feedback.

Get a free or paid on-site quote

Check to see if the electrician offers a free diagnostic or a paid visit before you hire them. Many electricians will charge a visit fee and a one-time fee for work that is less than 2 minutes.

If you think your problem is small or you don’t know what the problem is, you should get an electrician to visit you free of charge. This will save you money and you won’t feel like you were cheated.

After work services

Drilling, changing wires and dusting old parts are all part of electrical work. A good electrician will clean up after themselves and leave the house as it was before they started the job. Check to see if the electrician cleans up after themselves, or if they charge extra.

Warranty Support

The repair process involves replacing parts, wiring, and switches in an electrical system. What happens if a component is repaired by an electrician and then goes bad? Some electricians offer a 30-day warranty. There are many more. Before you hire an electrician make sure they offer a guarantee on their work and the products they fit.

Small jobs

Many electricians won’t accept small jobs. Before you hire them, make sure you check with them to see if they are able to do the job.

Open Pricing

This is the most important pointer. Open pricing is a common feature in an open company. You will be clearly informed about the repair cost, the cost for the parts, and any after-service costs. This will allow you to compare the cost with other services and help you gauge its value.

Open pricing is a way for companies to charge exorbitant rates and you won’t be able to refuse their services once you have hired them.

Find the Best Electric Contractors in Singapore

Here’s a checklist that will help you find the best electrician in Singapore. This will ensure that you have an easy repair experience.

Get a FREE quote on any residential or commercial electrical repair by calling us.

Spower Electrician Singapore offers complete residential electrical services. We do all types of electrical work from electrical inspections to regular maintenance. Contact us at +6583836111 / hello@spower.com.sg to receive a quote.

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