Common Electrical Problems in a Home

Neglecting to fix electrical problems at home can pose a risk to the whole family. Although most electrical problems can usually be fixed quickly, some issues require the expertise of an electrician to ensure that they don’t occur again. If you don’t have the necessary experience or training to repair your home’s electrical system, an electrician will be more qualified to help.

These are the top ten electrical problems that Singaporeans face and require an electrician to fix them.

Circuit Overload

You might experience frequent circuit breaker trips if you have too many electrical devices in your home. An electrician licensed in the state of California should be able to solve the problem and offer tips to avoid another one.

Circuit Breaker Problems

Circuit breaker problems can cause dimming or dead lighting. The most common causes are power surges and short circuits. You should not try to solve the problem yourself. Instead, call a licensed electrician to inspect all wiring and sockets.

Electrical dips, sags, or surges

Faulty or substandard materials could cause electrical work that is prone to power dips and sags. You might also have faulty appliances or poor wiring. This is especially true if you just moved into a new apartment. You should call an electrician as soon as possible to diagnose the problem. These can cause damage to your electrical appliances.

Spower Electrician Singapore provides complete electrical services including emergency electrician service in Singapore. Our EMA licensed electricians and electrical technicians are EMA/BCA/IDA certified and specially trained to complete any type of electrical repair and works, including ceiling fan installation, power recovery, as well as wiring and rewiring. Our electricians have more than 10 years’ experience. We have completed hundreds of electrical jobs for a condo, residential, as well as HDB homeowners as well as commercial customers. We have many satisfied clients and glowing feedback.

Electric shocks

While most electric shocks at home are not severe, they can cause serious injury to many people. If this happens frequently in your home, it is a sign that you should contact an electrician to inspect the wiring, appliances, or plugs.

Problems with Sockets and Switches

A blown fuse, a trip circuit breaker, or loose wire could cause the socket to stop working. To determine the cause of the problem, an electrician will need to test the socket with a voltage meter or power tester. To determine if the light switches feel hot or cold, an electrician will need to perform the same test.

Flickering lights

The problem may not be solved by changing the bulbs. An electrician will inspect the wiring and determine if any electrical problems are present. An electrician will inspect the light bulbs and fixtures for buzzing sounds or poor connections. If the light bulbs are burning out frequently, this could indicate that there is a problem with the wiring or circuit.

Electricity Bill Problems

There are many reasons why your electrical bill is high. These include damaged wiring or circuits, power surges from some electrical devices, hot water system leaks, or devices that have been left plugged in even though they are not being used. To identify the cause of the problem, a Singaporean electrician will need to inspect your home’s electrical system.

Smells of fish or burnt

An electrical device can cause electricity to jump or arc if it is damaged in its circuit. If the device isn’t unplugged, it can cause a fishy or burnt smell. The electrician service shop nearest you should be contacted immediately to resolve the issue.

Exposed Wires

An inexperienced electrician can cause exposed wires. It is important to fix this problem as soon as possible as it could cause a fire in your house. A licensed electrician in Singapore will be able to cover, splice or attach the correct frame to protect exposed wiring.

Tangled Cables

For homes that have few outlets, having too many cables in your home may be normal. This is not only unpleasant to look at but also presents a fire hazard if there are extension cords used to plug in different electrical devices. For help, contact the nearest Singapore electrician shop to have additional outlets installed and upgraded the panel to prevent tangled cables.

Spower Electrician Singapore offers complete residential electrical services. We do all types of electrical work from electrical inspections to regular maintenance. Contact us at +6583836111 / hello@spower.com.sg to receive a quote.

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