Factors Which Should Be Considered Before Installing A Doorbell

Most families in Singapore prefer to have an installed doorbell for their house since a door knock is often not audible in the house. After purchasing the doorbell, it is necessary to do the proper electrical installation. One of the main considerations for doorbell installation is that visitors should be able to easily access the doorbell. Here are some of the considerations for doorbell installation, such that homeowners can ensure that the electrician installs the doorbell properly.


Standard Doorbell Height

The doorbell height in most houses is usually between 40 and 48 inches. Thus, there are things to consider before planning any electrical work. The first is that the homeowner should consider the height of their visitors. In homes with small children or with visitors who are disabled, or using a wheelchair, the doorbell height should be lower.


While conducting the doorbell installation or doorbell replacement, the door decor should also be considered. Usually, doorbell installation involves drilling of holes, and if this will damage the decor, alternative options have to be considered. In some cases, an adhesive may be used for fixing the doorbell, or the doorbell may not be fixed on the door, only on the wall near the door.


Another thing to consider is the kids, since some children like pressing the doorbell for fun. If wireless doorbells are used, the battery of the doorbell will not last for a long time. Therefore, replacing your doorbell with a wired one is recommended.


Some families are opting to install a camera or video doorbells such that the family member can view the visitor. In case there is no one in the house, a photo or video of the visitor is also available. There are benefits of hiring a certified electrician to install your doorbell since they are skilled to install the camera properly. the face of the visitor is clearly visible and he can speak clearly on the videophone.

Doorbell Button


There are several reasons why you should avoid DIY electrical repair or electrical work, and one of those is the proper placement. In homes with a larger door frame, the doorbell may be placed on the frame. Meanwhile, in most homes, the doorbell is installed on the wall near the door. It is installed on the side of the door with the doorknob and away from the hinges. Therefore, visitors can easily enter the house or deliver an item when the door is open.


The doorbell button is installed, such that visitors of all heights can easily access them. A doorbell’s recommended height is between 40 to 44 inches. Although, this still depends on the visitors to the house.


There are a large variety of designs for doorbells available to match the door design and décor of different homes. The doorbells are available in plastic, metal and other material, vary in their quality and price, and the installation price. There is also a guide to doorbell installation costs in Singapore. Nowadays, doorbells include cameras, speakers, and microphones or are illuminated.


There are some apartments that have knockers and each home is connected to the intercom system, which informs the family there are visitors at the entrance.


Aside from the benefits of installing a wired doorbell, there are also things to consider before installing a doorbell. The main thing to consider when installing the doorbell is the height since this is for visitor purposes. Homeowners should also keep in mind the tips on hiring an affordable electrician, in order to ensure that your doorbell will work properly for a long time.

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